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Online Payments

At you can pay online using the following payment methods:

Depending on which country you are ordering from, you can pay online through the following payment methods:

- Creditcard
- Paypal
- Apple Pay
- iDeal
- Klarna (Post Payment)
- Bancontact
- Sofort

All payments using above methods are processed by payment provider They are responsible for the entire procedure of the payment. Your personal data is sent encrypted over a secure line. As soon as has received and verified your payment, we will receive a transaction agreement. After a successful transaction you will receive a confirmation email that the payment is successful and that we will dispatch your order.


Coccinelle accepts Visa and Mastercard. Credit card details are not stored by us in our database. Coccinelle can not in any way see your credit card number during the process. It may be that we will contact you for additional information. Sometimes we do this as a precaution to confirm details and prevent credit card fraud.


Paypal is a completely secure and fast way to pay. You can use it if you have registered with Paypal. You only need to register once and fill out your details at You can link a Credit Card to your Paypal account or pay via bank transfer. Paypal is an intermediary that makes payments to you so your data never reaches the seller.


Apple Pay is the easy-to-use international mobile payment service offered by Apple. The service provides you customers with a simple, secure method of paying for purchases using familiar devices (MacBook, iPhone, iWatch or iPad). Apple Pay enables secure payments in both online and physical shops and in apps.


iDeal makes your payment simple, fast and trustworthy through online banking. iDeal has become the most popular method of payment on the Internet in the Netherlands because it is easy and totally secure. The money is transferred immediately so your order can be sent directly to you. This payment method is only possible within the Netherlands.

Banks that support iDeal:

- Abn-Amro
- Rabobank
- Fortis
- Friesland bank
- SNS bank

In order to be able to use internet banking you need to enable this with your bank.


We offer you the opportunity to pay after 14 days. Before you have paid, you will receive your order along with the invoice. The payment of this invoice is due to Klarna within 14 days, as indicated on the invoice. For this service you pay a € 1,95 administration fee. Your order must not exceed a value of € 250 or the maximum amount set by Klarna, depending upon your transaction history.

By choosing this payment method, you automatically agree to the general terms of Klarna (click here). Note: fill out your information completely and truthfully and based on your data, Klarna will decide whether you are eligible to receive an invoiced bill. is not responsible for this selection. However, we do offer alternative payment methods (view payment methods above).

Steps for payment through Klarna Invoice:

- Order and pay through Klarna Invoice, extra administration fee is € 1,95
- Fill out your information completely and truthfully
- Your order will be shipped and in addition Klarna will send you an invoice
- Pay your invoice within 14 days as indicated on the invoice
- By choosing this payment method, you agree to the general terms of Klarna (click here).
- Order value with a maximum of € 250
- Safe, easy and reliable!

If you pay the minimum amount stated on the Klarna Invoice, you automatically choose to pay in installments. View Klarna Account.

If you have specific questions about Klarna or if you want to know why you cannot buy on credit via Klarna. Klarna Customer Service is happy to help: +31(0)208082852. Click here for more information on Klarna.

The payments 'Klarna Invoice' is provided by Klarna. Klarna is an international company that provides bill payments and partial payments with great safety. Important to know is that you enter a commitment with Klarna and not with Coccinelle. After your payment, Coccinelle handles your order. Klarna then takes care of the whole payment process.


Bancontact is a bank payment method developed in and for Belgium that allows you to pay via their own familiar banking environment. Bancontact can be seen as the Belgian equivalent to iDEAL. It is an extremely popular payment method.


SOFORTbanking (formerly known as Direct ebanking) is a variation on payment via bank transfer and enables you to pay from a number of countries using their own familiar banking environment. This payment solution is particularly popular in Germany, although consumers in countries such as Austria and Belgium are also increasingly using it.